FILM: Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud is a well versed cartoonist and one of the most prolific comic theorists.

Scott McCloud’s comic theory book ‘Understanding Comics – The Invisible Art’ (1993) is a seminal work that we can’t recommend enough. It’s an incredibly inspiring read that helps you understand the underlying syntax of the unique visual language that is comics. The insights offered by this book are just as relevant to storytellers and designers working in other media.

Timeless and universal, The Sculptor tells the story about a sculptor whom Death gives 200 days to live in exchange for the power to sculpt anything he can imagine. McCloud says he was very well aware of the physical limitations of print when creating “this brick of a book,” adding that he pushed the medium to the edge of what it can do in print.

Interview: Michael Minneboo; Director & editor: Geert van de Wetering; Commissioning editor: Remco Vlaanderen, Submarine Channel. Thanks to Scratch Books, who released the Dutch edition of The Sculptor.