Nachtpodium-item: Antistrot, tekencollectief

This video was made in 2005

Antistrot`s members – Paul Börchers, Johan Kleinjan, David Elshout, Silas Schletterer, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Charlie Dronkers (video) and Michiel Walraven, have – literally – been working together since 1997. When at work, individuals come second to the collective and the final product is less important than the dynamic process of action and reaction through which Antistrot`s paintings and drawings come about. To Antistrot`s members these sessions form a visual sounding board for reflection on our constantly changing world. Their eclectic, chaotic and seemingly incoherent works mirror the avalanche of images,impressions and temptation to which we are daily exposed. In so doing, the members of Antistrot do not make value judgements. Not only do they react to consumer society, they are also – wholeheartedly – part of it. By completely accepting consumer society Antistrot aims to reveal shades of reality that overabundance and desensitization have rendered invisible

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