Unspeak, een serie over hoe de politiek via taalmanipulaties de publieke opinie beinvloedt

By Geert, January 22, 2013

Based on the book of the same title by amazing British author Steven Poole, Unspeak is a series that looks at how language can smuggle persuasion into description.

Think of words like climate change (instead of Global Warming), file-sharing (instead of piracy), austerity measures (for cut-backs), oil spill (for human caused oil disaster), erectile dysfunction (instead of impotency).

The 2012 Presidential campaign (and it´s gloriously amusing debates) presented voters with a wealth of new Unspeak talk. From juvenile name-calling terms like Obamacare and Romnesia to a crucial choice between top-down and trickle-down,  both side accidentally picked up the other´s weapon of Unspeak

Check out the video here

Director: Geert van de Wetering, voice-over: Steven Poole (with participation of Maurik de Ridder, Willemien Ruys and Luuk van Huet)